My name is Karoline and I am a 25 y.o. industrial designer from Sweden. I am a graduate from Lund School of Industrial Design and have 10 months of experience as an intern at Steelcase.


My core competences are:


  • Industrial Design

  • Conceptualizations

  • Visualizations

  • Story-telling

As a person I'm curious and ambitious. I usually get along with most people and try to bring everyone in a team together. With Steelcase, I created a workshop with for employees at the LINC to show the other departments how the design team works. The workshop spanned over five days, with 80+ attendees and was greatly appreciated.


I did my BA in industrial design at Lund School of Industrial Design. During this education, I learned to take responsibility for my own projects and design products which age well and are environmentally friendly.

Additionally, I have a BA in European Studies and English Linguistics/Literature. During my studies I was actively involved in Student Unions and through that I have worked as a graphic designer for the Technical Union and sat on the board for the Architecture/Industrial Design guild.



I interned at Steelcase during 2020. Here, I learned in practice about the industry, material and manufacturing techniques and working as an in-house designer.

I worked on furniture projects which were close to launch when I left and created specials and hacks for existing products.

Before this, I worked as a trilingual tour guide at Kosta Boda's glass factory and, while studying, in real estate and as a tattoo artist.